360/VR Lab


Photos taken from the SIFF VR lounge

The Orcas Island Film Festival, now in its fourth year, is very pleased to add a 360 / virtual reality storytelling program to its 2017 festival lineup. The program, curated by Seattle-based WonderTek Labs and presented in partnership with Rock Island Communications, T-Mobile and Samsung, will feature a diverse lineup of international 360 / virtual reality content carefully selected to complement the high bar for artistic quality established by Artistic Director Carl Spence for the festival’s film program.  The 360 /VR program will take place at the Rock Island Internet Cafe Saturday October 7th through Monday October 9th, and will be open from 11AM to 6PM daily.

Special meet and greet with visiting VR directors and Wondertek Labs curators onMonday at 4:30 at Rock Island Internet Cafe (Directions)

Headset #1 Immersive Storytelling


The Giant

United States | 2017 | 3 min | English | Mike Anderson, Ryan Dickie and Abigail Horton | New Media

A young girl grows endlessly, stumbles upon a liquid that releases the darkest sides of herself, and eventually dissolves into the music of the universe.



Eagle Bone


United States | Narrative | 5 min | Tracy Rector

One of the first VR pieces ever created by a Native American filmmaker, "Eagle Bone" ("Ch'aak' S'aagi") is a collective step in a new direction of visual storytelling rooted in being unapologetically Indigenous. Through freestyle spoken word and lush Pacific Northwest scenes, we enter into a VR journey of remembrance and reflection on the lessons of the old ones.



The Town that Blew Away

2017 | Narrative | 5 min | Sarah Jones

We live in a hurry but what happens when we don’t stop and pause to look around us?

The Town that Blew Away is an artistic virtual reality experience that explores a ghost town in Glenrio, Texas. It has an original immersive composition that transports you back to a time and a place. The film serves as a reminder of what happens when people are in too much of a hurry to get to their destination, without stopping to observe the moment.

This short contributes to research defining a new category of film called immersive experiential film. There is no directed narrative and it instead allows you to observe another place and define your own experience.


360 Sneak Peek of a Seattle production company's latest 360 piece

Headset #2 360 Social Justice

chasing coral VR.jpeg

Chasing Coral VR

United States | 2016 | Documentary | 6 min | English |  Jeff Orlowski

This remarkably sobering VR is the powerful result of Jeff Orlowski’s documentary project of the same name, about the quest of a group of filmmakers and ocean scientists to provide visual proof of climate change. This exclusive underwater experience follows Zackary Rago, a passionate scuba diver and researcher, as he documented the unprecedented 2016 coral bleaching event at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.


Behind the Fence (Winner 360 Award at SXSW)

United States | 2016 | Documentary | 9 min | English |  Jonathan Olinger & Lindsay Branham

The Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar must survive a Buddhist-led campaign to eliminate them. Behind the Fence looks inside the 5x5 square mile camp that imprisons the Rohingya muslim minority in Myanmar, and investigates the extremist Buddhists who propagate virulent anti-Muslim sentiment across the country. Behind the Fence profiles Abul, a husband who does everything he can to try to help his sick wife, Barbulu, a twelve-year-old boy whose future is diminished due to the constraints of living in this open air prison, and U Wirathu, the Buddhist leader of the 969 movement who stokes public support for restrictive laws that have rendered the Rohingya stateless in their own land. This camp is home to the most persecuted people on earth.

Headset #3  360 Social Justice

We Who Remain (Winner 360 Award at SIFF)


United States | 2017 | 14 min | English | Sam Wolson & Trevor Snapp

"We Who Remain" is an immersive VR film that takes us into the heart of a forgotten conflict in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. The region is cut off from the world with no humanitarian access, and almost no media coverage. The lives of four characters are woven together to give a deep portrait of the students, mothers, journalists and rebels struggling to make their lives better in a war that shows no sign of ending. It will be the first character-driven VR film shot in an active conflict zone. The film is a co-production of Emblematic group and Nuba Reports in collaboration with the NYT VR, Arte, and AJ+.

if you go away.jpg

If You Go Away (Ne me quitte pas) 

Iran | 2017 | Narrative | 5 min | - Without dialogue | Soheila Golestani
Because of war, a couple has to immigrate to utopia. Difficult conditions separated them to each other, but the young woman fights for her destiny.







Headset #4 Experimental Music/Art/Dance

Posies - Unlikely Places - 360VR_TB.mp4.00_02_41_16.Still002.png

The Posies: Unlikely Places

USA | 2016 | Experimental/Music | 4 mins | English | Nathaniel Luke Pinzon & Kim Voynar

This music video for Seattle indie music legends The Posies surrounds the viewer in kaleidoscopic layers of visual metaphor in this intensely immersive exploration of human connection and loss.



360 Dance Project: Love!

2017 | Experimental/Dance | 4 min | Jess Kantor

Love! is 360 dance piece that explores heartbreak.



Say Our Name

2017 | Experimental/Dance | 5 min | Stina Hamlin

This immersive hip-hop dance piece was filmed on the streets of New York City, engaging the viewer to look into the eyes of the people that brutality is happening to everyday on streets throughout America. We must remember and say these names.


Mind Chill 360


Our world is way too stressed out!

Stress, and depression are the health epidemic of the 21st-century (World Health Organisation). Mind Chill 360’s mission is to help bring mindfulness to a digital generation. Mind Chill 360 combines moving art with the best in independent and unsigned chill-out music to transport you into virtual soundscapes to reset your mood.

Most negative thinking is when your mind wanders. Mind Chill 360 first shocks your mind to interrupt your thinking and then uses music and moving art to help relax you.


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After Solitary (Winner Interactive VR Award at SXSW)

2017 | 8 min | Cassandra Hermman

“After Solitary” is a groundbreaking virtual reality experience that places the viewer physically and emotionally inside an otherwise inaccessible world. Marrying cutting edge photogrammetry technology that places users inside of two photorealistic 3D scanned environments, including a solitary confinement cell, with videogrammetry capture that allows users to meet an actual former inmate, the experience pushes the boundaries of immersive storytelling, while exploring what virtual reality can bring to journalism. It was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW 2017 for best room scale VR, as well as the top prize at the World VR Forum. Country of Origin: USA