Returning to her family home on Orcas Island, broken-hearted urbanite Rebecca braces herself for a barrage of questions about her life. But before the inquisition, she stumbles upon a mysterious Bookseller who sells her a novel, promising that it will provide the escape she seeks.


Kate Bayley, Alycia Delmore, Gretchen Krich, Ellen McLain & Barry O'Neil


Lacey Leavitt is a filmmaker from Seattle. As a producer and co-producer, her credits include The Off Hours and Lucky Them (both directed by Megan Griffiths), The Catechism Cataclysm, (written/directed by Todd Rohal), Safety Not Guaranteed (directed by Colin Trevorrow), Laggies and Touchy Feely (both directed by Lynn Shelton). She co-directed and produced Blood on the Flat Track, a documentary about the Rat City Rollergirls. In 2012, she directed the Seattle Int’l Film Festival Fly Film D.C.I. Leavitt has several projects currently in development and is a Sundance Creative Producing Lab alum. 

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