The Ghost In Red


The Ghost in Red follows the hauntings at the historic Moran Mansion by it's second owner Alice Rheem. In 1938, Robert Moran sold the mansion to Donald Rheem. The estate was Rheem's vacation home for 20 years, but his wife Alice ended up making it her permanent residence until her death. Now what remains of her are rumors of her wild lifestyle. Her restless spirit is said to now haunt the grounds of her past home. Filmmaker Cali Bagby sets out to find out not only the legends and lore, but who Alice was in life.


Amanda Sparks

Robert Hall

Matt Minnis 

Zach Knight

Bobby Pfeiffer

Jacq Zier

Special Thanks To

Christopher Peacock

Christina Orchid

Robin Jacobson

Virginia Jensen

Assistant producer

Matthew Laslo



Cali Bagby originally came to the islands in 2011 as a reporter at the Journal and editor of the Weekly. She is now the editor of the Journal of the San Juan Islands. Bagby is also a freelance photographer.

Prior to coming to the islands, Bagby worked for nearly two years as an embedded journalist with a Medevac unit in Iraq and a Marine unit in Afghanistan. She also cut her reporting “teeth” on humanitarian issues in Bangladesh and Vietnam. In 2010 she co-documented a series of short films about her 2,000-mile bike trip from Colorado to Oregon.

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