It Takes An Island

Tashi Litch and Bob Friel 



Tashi Litch is 15 years old and lives with his family on a small farm on Orcas Island. He has always loved cameras and over the past few years has had a special interest in video production. Since he was 11 he has come to local film shoots and been mentored by several professional film makers on the island.

His primary activity is playing the mandolin. He started violin at the age of 5, and picked up his first mandolin when he was 8. He loves Bluegrass and other traditional music. Tashi and his brother Kaj, formed the band Brograss (, playing regularly on the island, as well as across the USA in the summer season.

He is delighted to receive this grant from the Orcas Island Film Festival to be able to combine the passions, making a film about being a kid growing up playing music on this wonderful island that is home.

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