Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios is producing Emmy Award-winning television series. We're looking for smart, cinematic drama series; bold, original comedy series; and innovative, educational series for kids.

Rock Island Communications

Local ISP Rock Island provides modern, scalable and reliable broadband services to homes and businesses in San Juan County. Started in 1996, Rock Island has been serving the interests of our local community for over 20 years.

Our latest mission involves bringing fiber optic broadband to the home and business, lighting up a T-Mobile LTE network countywide and delivering a way for our county’s first responders to communicate in hard-to-reach-places. No small feat indeed! In our first year of the project, we’ve connected more than 700 new fiber customers and 700 more on our LTE Fixed Wireless network. Learn more today at rockisland.com

Orcasong Institute

Orcasong Institute and Farm offers programs which foster personal development, nurture community connections, and address social and environmental challenges, in the Salish Sea bioregion and beyond. 

We appreciate the beauty and bountiful resources that Orcas Island provides to explore the natural world and our relationship to living in mindfulness and wellbeing.

Orcasong Farm is restoring the 90 acres of land we steward on Orcas Island using ecologically regenerative practices.  Guided by the wisdom of nature, we are committed to local resilience and social change.

Our mission is advanced through holistic education, conscious arts & event programming, environmental advocacy and interwoven farm-based enterprises.

Rock Island Media

When it comes to telling your story, nothing does it like video, and no other creative agency does it quite like Rock Island Media. We are based in the San Juan Islands, one of the most spectacular places in the country. But the world is our creative canvas. For years, we’ve been working with some of the most respected brands across the country and around the globe. We harness technology to imagine, shoot, edit, and distribute video content that will inspire your audience.

Red Rabbit Farm

At Red Rabbit Farm we endeavor to live in a conscious way, in tune with the seasons, the island and the cycle of life. For thirty years we have imagined our place as one of welcome, sharing our incredible good luck with others who share our values and love the island. For us it is a way of life, that, combined with our nearly 30 years at the restaurant,  have given us an idea of hospitality, shared meals, convivial conversation,  honest wines, in a place of beauty, without pretense or puffery, at a pace of leisure, with quiet, lazy days to relax and inspire us.