RIGGED! A Tail of Corruption

Heidi Cuda




Heidi Siegmund Cuda is an Emmy award-winning investigative producer, broadcast journalist, author, columnist, music critic, screenwriter and free press activist. After 15 years as an investigative producer for Fox 11 News Los Angeles, she resigned to pursue TV development, screenwriting and social justice activism. In addition to her television work, she spent 15 years as the Los Angeles Times nightlife columnist and urban music critic. She also authored seminal rap and punk books including Sublime's Brad Nowell: Crazy Fool and The Ice Opinion, with Ice T. She wrote, produced and hosted the Fox 11 economic series, "Saving the California Dream." She most recently worked as a producer on Al Jazeera America’s noted science show TechKnow and is writing and directing a film she produced from the Women's March in Washington. Currently, Cuda is in preproduction to direct and produce a film she cowrote, "Zombie Newsroom," a satire about corporate local tv news, which she films this fall. She fell in love with Orcas Island while working on her first screenplay, "The House Near Paris," with an island resident, whose godmother is the focus of the World War II epic. 

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