The Commute

Congrats to Milla Prince for having the winning short film at the 2015 Orcas Island Film Festival.

The Commute is a movie about love, goats, and Volvos. Oh, and totally a social commentary on gentrification, small community dynamics, and Tolstoy's place in the Western Canon.

Produced by

Charlie Prince


  • Emmy Melissa Gran
  • Zach Dawson
  • Adam Lee
  • Katherine Bryant
  • Carol and Larry Hendel
  • Gloryanna Westervelt
  • Meredith Perry


Milla Prince is a writer, filmmaker, waitress, activist, homesteader, and a general busybody on Lopez Island, WA. Once upon a time, she received a degree in filmmaking and screenwriting from Metropolia University, in Helsinki, Finland. (She also might be a witch. We should dunk her in water just to make sure.) 

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