OrcaSong Farm

Orcasong Farm offers programs which foster personal development, nurture community connections, and address social and environmental challenges, in the Salish Sea bioregion and beyond. 

We appreciate the beauty and bountiful resources that Orcas Island provides to explore the natural world and our relationship to living in mindfulness and wellbeing.

Orcasong Farm is restoring the 90 acres of land we steward on Orcas Island using ecologically regenerative practices.  Guided by the wisdom of nature, we are committed to local resilience and social change.

Our mission is advanced through holistic education, conscious arts & event programming, environmental advocacy and interwoven farm-based enterprises.

San Juan County

The mission of the San Juan County LTAC (Lodging Tax Advisory Committee) is to invest in activities and facilities that increase tourism related revenue through a sustainable visitor experience.

This involves promoting tourism that typifies the “best of the San Juan Islands” – its natural beauty, geology, outdoor activities, anthropology, agricultural attractions, lifelong learning opportunities, history, culture and the arts.


The Islands’ Sounder

Local newspaper for all of the San Juan Islands, covering politics, sports and opinions.


Wild Island

Wild Island restaurant + juice bar offers a casual dining experience working with fresh, organic ingredients to prepare cooked to order meals, pressed juice and smoothies.


Orcas Video

Orcas Video is a full service professional video production company providing aerial imagery, wedding films, documentaries, live event coverage, real estate and music videos, business advertisements, post production work and more. Starting with your ideas and combining them with our skills and expertise, we produce the video you want to share with the world.